Easy to Clean 60 Single Glazing Bead
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Easy to Clean 60 Single Glazing Bead

Type:upvc profile/ pvc/upvc
Usage:window and door frames
Series:60mm,80mm,88mm;sliding/casement/swing/tilt out
Materials: unplasticized upvc
Thickness:2-2.5mm or as you required

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60 Bay Pole Shoe casement is designed in good sealing technology, and can be divided into sliding, casement, swing and tilt out type, the thickness can be designed into 2-2.5mm or as you required.

Easy to Clean 60 Single Glazing Bead


The features of 60 Single Glazing Bead
• Multi-walled extrusions provide superb welding strength and structural integrity.
• 1" thick insulated glass with warm-edge technology helps deliver year-round energy savings.
• Narrow sight-lines for a clear, expanded view.
• Combine specialty shape windows and fixed-lites for dramatic appeal. Distinctive for their smooth horizontal gliding action, sliding windows also feature sashes that lift out for easy cleaning.
• Fusion-welded mainframe and sashes eliminate potential leak points at sill corners for improved energy efficiency and easy water drainage.
• Multi-walled extrusions provide superb welding strength and structural integrity.
• Integral pull handle for easy and convenient opening and closing of the window.
• Integral full-length interlock with double-pile weatherstripping increases strength and thermal performance.
• Specially designed brass tandem roller system ensures smooth operation.
• Cam lock and keeper for a tight seal and increased energy efficiency.

60# Single glazing bead
PVC profile
plastic extrusion
20 pieces/bag; Plastic bags
The 60mm single glazing bead is is the glass pressure bar that is used when making single-layer glass. And it is also used to tighten the glass of the door, and then fasten the window on the top of the window to tighten the glass on the window sash.
white, dark brown, dark gray, dark green, bronze, etc.
With the relatively good quality, the door frame series are commonly used in bedroom door, the balcony door and the large double door that the inside porch.
sound insulation, waterproof, insulation, non-stick oil, easy to clean, flame retardant.

Easy to Clean 60 Single Glazing Bead

Use our easy step-by-step design tool to create the window or door you're looking for. Explore and select from a wide variety of options including interior and exterior colors, hardware styles and finishes, grille patterns and trim.

01. Materials
Adopt high quality raw materials to make the excellent profiles weather resistance and surface color abundant and smooth.

02. Sophisticated equipment
Adopt fully automatic production and high precision of process control to make high quality pvc profiles.

03. High precision mold
With high precision mold, we provide strong guarantee for high quality and product innovation.

04. Quality inspection
Following the PDCA cycle, we carry out the whole process quality management, and each process is subject to strict quality control.

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